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Kalia Yojana New List | Name Check [Second List]

We are all aware about the condition of farmers in our country, as it is quite miserable which is because of not getting any attention in terms of their rights, due to corruption and various other factors. Focusing on such factors in mind the government Odisha launched KALIA(Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation) scheme for helping the poor farmers. Under this scheme along a financial aid will be provided by the state government to the farmers which will help them for the farming and also for their livelihood.Under this scheme ten lakh households will be supported which were landless and with a unit cost of Rs 12,500 will be taken for for various activities like duckery units, mushroom cultivation, fishermen and woman, beekeeping and goat rearing units.

Kalia Yojana Odisha Beneficiary List

  • This scheme will provide the farmers with a comprehensive assistance for livelihood like Rs 5,000 for each Kharif and Rabi crops will be given to them.
  • If any farmer takes a loan of less than Rs 50,000 then it will be interest free, under this scheme.
  • This scheme will cover about 30 lakh small and marginal farmers families by providing them livelihood support and financial aid.
  • If any farmer wants to check whether he is getting benefited from this scheme he can easily check it from the beneficiary list and for that we have given the information below.

kalia yojana listcheck

Kalia scheme farmer list by name

  • You can easily check your name from the beneficiary list available on the official website.
  • If the name of the farmer is not given in the list he/she can fill the Red and Green form available at GP office and PACS and submit it there.
  • You can also download and get the printout of the form through the official website.

Kalia yojana in odisha list 2019

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To check Kalia scheme odisha list follow the given steps :

  • Go to the given link.
  • A new page will open, then click on “Beneficiary List” option.
  • Now you will see a new page will open, now you have to select the district to which you belong and then select the Block of your district.
  • Now click on the “View List” tab.
  • Now you check your name in the given list.

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  1. mera ghar abhi bhi puran he abhi tak mereqmakan ka payment nhee mere addres he gram pansayat bhandar tahsil bali distik pali Rajsthan mere mobile ne 9375349622 Gomaram Jogaram ji dewasi police than nana lagta he

  2. Sir I’m a small farmer belongs from Jajpur Dist. My kalia I’d No. K13S164367. Kalia amount not deposited till now.

  3. Mu kalia paisa pahi nahi please mote deantu more character bhandaripokhsri block korigan panchayat I am a farmer

  4. Mote kalia yojona tonka milini gotebi kisti milini abejain doyakori mote kalia yojona tonka send koronti tahele mu aponko thare chiro upokruto hebi
    Name:-jagannath Patra at:Bhagabeda post:-pasna dist:-mayurbhanj block:-jamda

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